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Nonna Mercato is a neighborhood artisan bakery & Pastaio founded by Chef Cameron Slaugh.

Influenced of French Italian roots. We utilize classic techniques and baking traditions. Hand shaping all our naturally leavened breads and pastries. 

In pursuit of the best loaf. Every day is a new step towards excellence. Bread is consistently changing and evolving, starting from the grains the farmers source, followed by the growing and caring, then to the way its milled and sifted; and finishing with us bakers who decide how to let the grains shine to the utmost delicious way possible. 

At Nonna, we source the highest quality Organic and Sustainable ingredients. It's important to us to create relationships with the farmers and have a deep understand on where our ingredients come from. Our grains are straight from the farm to us where we bake our breads right before delivery.

Our Farmers

Here at Nonna. We believe our farmers are the rockstars. We are the craftsman and creatives that are lucky to have these people that give us the best quality ingredients possible. Without them we have nothing. 

We dont just source locally, yes many of the farms we use are located here in California, but we would hate to not be able to cook with all these other great ingredients grown from alot of other great farms that might be located in another state. Our mission is simple; source the best we can; treat and cook it in the most responsible and respectful way.